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Your Guide to Layering This Fall

It’s that time of year Members! We are ditching our shorts and t-shirts and starting to add on all the killer jackets that have been sitting untouched in the back of our closets all summer. With the cooler months comes the inevitable task of layering. More specifically we all have to figure out how to layer and not compromise our killer style. But no worries, because we are breaking it down for you and giving a few pointers to make getting dressed this fall a breeze.

Think in Cohesive Colors 

    The easiest way to make layering effortless is to pick a color palette and stick to it. Want to stay classic? A neutral/grey color story is never a bad idea. If you are feeling a bit more bold, work in some unexpected bright colors like blues or greens. The key here is to limit your pallet to about three or four colors and keep their undertones in a similar hue. 


      The hardest part of layering is finding the right balance between staying warm and looking like you threw on every piece of clothing in your closet. What’s the fix? Pay attention to the silhouette you are creating with your clothes. The easiest way to help you get this right is by following the golden rule of layering: always go from thin to thick. This will help create seamless lines and will make peeling off layers throughout the day beyond easy. 

      Pattern Play 

        Layering is also a great way to make sure your outfits don’t get boring with all the darker colors that fall/winter bring. One of the best ways to punch up the visual interest is to play with bold patterns. You can keep it traditional with a plaid or get a little funky with a bold graphic. Mix patterns throughout your layers, nothing is off limits. The secret to mixing multiple patterns in one look is to keep them in the same color family (see point 1) and have size of the patterns vary. Meaning you can have a large bold floral, a small ditzy print, and a pinstripe all in one fit. Just make sure the size and dimensions of the patterns aren’t competing and you’re good to go


        Let’s Talk Texture 

        Another way to add interest to your look is to mix in cool textures. Luckily there is no shortage of these around this time of year. Bring in a chunky knit for added coziness or a jacket with a cool weave that’ll add some dimension.  Play around mixing hard and soft materials so they complement each other. Throw on a knit under a leather jacket or mix in some suede accessories for a touch of luxury.

        Ready to get to layering? Check out our new Fall/Winter 2018 collection here.  

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        • All guys are looking awesome and adorable specially Bomber Jackets.

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