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The Rise of Athleisure – And How to Wear It

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible not to notice the rise of athleisure – also known as athletic wear worn outside the gym. Gone are the days of getting dolled up for the bar or getting ready for the grocery store. Today, it’s from the gym to the bar with the addition of a jacket or change of shoes.

But as with anything, there are rules. Here are some things to keep in mind with athleisure.

Keep Up with the Trends

Fitness didn’t have trends until about a year ago. What used to be all black became seasonal: think placement patterns and color-blocking.

Invest in Functional and Fashion Pieces

Performance fabric is a must to avoid a see-through episode. Workout apparel made from performance fabric is quick drying, odor resistant, and moisture wicking – so you can take it from the gym to the store without worrying about sweat marks.

Wear Appropriate Accessories

One accessory can take your athleisure outfit from the gym to street. Add a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a faux leather jacket, or a shirt tied around your waist. But, make sure the piece has a sporty, sleek feel. Don’t add a vintage jacket or cat-eye sunglasses or it’ll feel top “put together”.

Dress for The Occasion

Avoid dressing in anything too athletic like just a sports bra and pants. Try adding a sporty jacket – like our new Sport Iconic Racer jacket – to your outfit to keep it casual.

Stick to Neutrals if You’re Ever in Doubt

If this is your first time rocking athleisure, it can be scary. Start with a basic geometric print or stick to the neutrals - white, black, grey – until you can work your way up to brighter colors.

We have a feeling athleisure won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in the trend or go all out, keep these tips in mind to be on trend.


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