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What Makes a Coach Jacket so Cool?

The coach jacket is a streetwear staple in today’s fashion world. You can find tons of people walking down the streets wearing a coach jacket.

What makes this jacket so irresistible - is undoubtedly its style. Its design is based on the gear that a sports team’s coach wears. A coach exudes power and so does his clothing.

Wearing a coach jacket today is like paying respect to your favorite coach.

Members Only, the leading American outerwear brand, has introduced a coach jacket in sleek faux leather as part of their Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

And we’ve got to say, the Members Only Faux Leather Coach Jacket is pretty darn close to the authentic 90s coach jackets.

The classic fit features a fold-over pointed collar and snap-up front buttons – also seen on several other streetwear companies. 

The jacket also features waist pockets with a chest pocket and side zip closure. Available in classic black, the best – and most unexpected feature of the jacket - is the Members Only logo embossed on the back along with the roman numerals MCMLXXV.

And just as a little refresher, MCMLXXV equates to 1975 – the year MO was born. Pretty cool, huh?

Grab your Faux Leather Coach Jacket here.


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