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Fashion Friday: Rainy Day Uniform

Hello Hello!

Hope you all had a productive week - full of some fly outfits, and goal-smashing.

Dressing up on the daily can be a fun, or grueling task. Attempting to shuffle through your clothing in the early morning, to find something that makes you sort-of look good, but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day is difficult when you barely had time to eat breakfast.

So in order to keep yourself from going insane, it is important to plan and choose a look that makes you feel comfortable in your current mood, or whatever you have to get done that day.

For instance, you would not wear a pair of stilettos and a body hugging midi-dress to go to your morning classes, followed by a gym session with your friends, and study hall, right? You would probably wear some comfortable sneakers, jeans and a nice top.

Although, if the stilettos are your thing, I'm not knocking it! Simply dress in what makes you feel good when you are planning out your outfits for the week.


You can plan out your outfits by getting an assortment of hangers, and place your t-shirt, pants and jacket for that day on that selected hanger.

I suggest to plan out your outfits for Monday through Friday, or just the days that you know you'll be rushing out in the morning.

Now, there are those days where the unexpected happens and it rains (boo!). On these days, I say comfort is definitely key. Again, comfort looks different for everyone – especially a rainy day uniform.

So, you may throw on some tapered joggers, a t-shirt and a jean jacket. Or you may slip on your favorite midi-dress, and an eclectic faux leather jacket, and rain boots.

By throwing on what makes you feel comfortable and confident, you will be ready to brave the rain! So that rainy day that caught you by surprise, and kinda blows your mood, won't be so bad after all.

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