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Tips on Styling Your Puffer Jacket

There comes a moment in everyone's life when they look in the mirror and are faced with a terrible question, “Do I look like a giant marshmallow in this jacket?” This daunting thought is probably brought on by the classic puffer jacket and you are most likely having conflicting feelings over staying warm and feeling like an idiot out in public. 

Rest assured this dilemma is nothing new seeing as these jackets have been around since the 40’s and were originally designed with one goal in mind, keep the wearer warm. Style wasn’t even on the radar.  

They have evolved a lot since then, most recently becoming trendy streetwear statements and are still popping up on runways worldwide. Here are our tips on how to style them and still  

#1 Embrace the Puff, but Smartly 

Simply due to their design these jackets will always add a little extra something to your upper half. That being said, if you are conscious of what you pair it with you can use this added volume to your advantage. Keep the rest of your outfit more streamline and simple to be aware of your proportions. Have the jacket hit you right at the hips creating the look of broader shoulders and longer legs.  

#2 Layers are Your Friend 

So if you are reaching for a puffer jacket, chances are it's pretty damn cold outside. A way to keep yourself warm and explore a more individualized look is to play with layers. Got a cool hoodie? Throw it under. Want to dress down a overcoat? Toss it on over the puffer. The material of the puffer jacket is always going to give off a more sporty, streetwear vibe. So, play with that and mix in some unexpected pieces for a unique style that’s totally you. 

#3 Get Colorful 

We have all been in a crowd during winter and looked around to see everyone, and I mean everyone, wearing a dark blue or black coat. Not that there isn’t something to be said about the classics, but if you are more of the daring type then a bold colored puffer could be the right fit. A bright red or cobalt blue will set you apart from the crowd and let you create an entirely new color palette for Fall/Winter 2018.  Plus, who doesn’t need a shot of color in the drearier seasons? 

However you choose to rock the puffer jacket is ultimately up to you. The style has been around so long and is sure to continue adapting to new generations trends and taste. The important part is that you stay warm and still feel cool AF.  

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