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What Makes the Classic Jacket so Iconic?

Classic iconic jackets are famous for a reason they have been people's favorite for decades! Jackets are a key staple everyone's wardrobe. Whether fashion or function is leading your jacket choice, great outerwear is essential.

During the 80s, these iconic jackets became a fashion staple for men of all professions. The iconic Members Only jackets became a common piece in many men's wardrobes as they have a sleek silhouette and are also equipped with plenty of pockets. In addition, men loved the cost-effective outerwear, which also scored them style points, and the jackets quickly became a hit. There are so many reasons to love this jacket but here are just a few of the features made the jackets famous, and ones that you should take into consideration before selecting a Members Only jacket of your own!

Classic iconic jackets are fashion icon's favorite

Fashion-forward people have always looked for style inspiration from style icons, and many of these icons can be seen wearing classic jackets. The iconic racer jacket is popular among men and women as an investment in this timeless piece is a great decision for anyone.

Exclusive features like shoulder epaulets, throat latch, and front logo pocket are details that can be found on every Members Only jacket. Also, a firm silhouette, high-quality fabrics, and a variety of shades make them the perfect jacket for all fashionable individuals out there. The jackets have played a crucial role in people's wardrobes over the years, and with style icons throughout the years sporting them, it’s no wonder they’re a go-to fashion item. 

Famous characters in TV shows wear classic iconic jackets

In addition to being entertained by television shows, many people also take their style cues from their favorite TV characters. You can easily spot the Members Only iconic racer jackets in several popular television shows.

From Stranger Things to the Walking Dead, you can check out several main characters sporting the stylish looks that include Members Only jackets. You check out Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf, Kevin Michale in Glee, Billy Bob Thornton in Friday night lights, and many more.

The classic iconic jacket is back on the silver screen 

The Members Only jacket was recently seen on the silver screen in the "Wonder Woman 1984" movie. As the movie is based on the 80s, Chris Pine was sporting the Members Only jacket, which earned him lots of compliments.

Final thoughts 

Members Only jackets are classic additions to your contemporary wardrobe. However, if you want to maintain a vintage vibe in your outfit, throw the iconic racer jackets for an effortless, cool look. You can find a large selection of stylish outerwear on the Members Only website and will no doubt find the perfect jacket! 



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