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5 Stylish Jackets Trends We've Seen Before and Are Back Again

Do you ever notice that when you’re checking out the latest fashions trends, it’s easy to spot certain styles that make you say “I think I’ve seen this before!”.  Trends may seem to fade as quickly as they appear, but you can always count on them making a comeback, sometimes even sooner than you expect them to. 

While it’s easy to spot pieces on fashion runways that you’ve never seen before, it’s becoming even more common to see items that have been in style before.

As trends start to remerge, it’s the perfect time to take advantage and some of these timeless staples into your wardrobe.

Jean jackets with intriguing designs and patterns 

Denim jackets for women are a staple, and every woman should have a denim jacket in her wardrobe. From maxi dresses to regular tees, the denim jackets provide an easy, versatile elevation to every outfit. Great outerwear is a must in every closet, and denim jackets are an absolute essential.

From distressed jean jackets to ones featuring cartoon prints, these embellishments take these timeless jackets to a whole other level. Once popular among the fashion crowd, these embellished jackets are making a comeback. You can invest in one without any doubts as they will always be a classic. If you are looking for the best variety of these jackets, you can visit the Members Only website, where you will find plenty of denim jackets to choose from. 

Oversized jackets 

The oversized jacket, the classic take on the denim jacket, also known as trucker jackets, are excessively stylish. As the oversized women's jackets are statement pieces, they pair well with more minimalist outfits.  

If you are interested in layering, tighter pieces are the perfect balance to these oversized jackets. You can wear an oversized jacket over a dress and a pair of boots on more elegant occasions. You can also try exclusive footwear, and sneakers for a more contemporary look.

If you’re looking to put together a trendier look, you can add oversized jackets to athleisure as well.

Pastel-colored jackets 

If you are on the quest to find a comfortable women's jacket that you can wear year round, a pastel jacket is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. From tailored jackets to oversized jackets, pastel colors are most often worn in the spring and summer, but can be a great addition to any outfit during all seasons.

Camel-colored jackets 

Wonder why camel-colored jackets for women are coming back into style? They are stylish, comfortable, and timeless, could you ask for more? The jackets are perfect for elevating your wardrobe, and are incredibly versatile.

Camel colored jackets are perfect for every occasion, whether formal or casual, and are the perfect piece of outerwear for everything from a workday to a casual dinner.

Jackets with Intriguing patterns

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? With our jackets that feature famous 90s cartoon patterns from Nickelodeon and several iconic Looney Tunes characters, you can make a statement while carrying fond memories with you wherever you go.

Jackets with puffy sleeves 

Jackets with puffy sleeves are also popular these days, and the perfect way to add a trendy flair to any wardrobe.

Final thoughts 

Just like music and books, some clothing items are timeless classics. With trends constantly coming back into style, you can flaunt these timeless pieces with confidence. Get the best women's jackets from Members Only to upgrade your wardrobe this year. 


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