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Shoes are an essential element of your wardrobe. From elevating your looks to providing ultimate comfort and protection, you need the best pair of shoes for men.

Sometimes it is difficult to wear jeans with the proper shoes. Follow the tips below to perfect the look.

The first thing you have to consider is the "occasion" you are heading to. It will help you to choose between dressy or casual jeans. Then, find the perfect kicks to top off your look.

Apart from these, you have a few other things to consider while teaming up jeans and shoes. The below article will let you know about the jeans' categories and the shoes that go well with the jeans. Gear up to look dapper by pairing the best with the best.

What's the occasion?

Initiate your search by thinking about the occasion you are heading to. First off, understand the way you want to look. Do you want to be more formal or casual?

If you are looking to wear a more casual outfit, Oxford shoes for men are a great choice to wear with jeans.

Whether you are headed to work or going out for a night with friends, loafers, boat shoes for men are an easy and effortlessly stylish shoe choice.

If you are looking for a more formal look, faux leather or suede shoes for men do the trick. They go well with a blazer and jeans. These shoes take your outfit to the next level.

Choose the right jeans

Jean shopping can often be frustrating, but it is worth it in the end. Finding the right fit is crucial.

Although brands use different names, slim fit, regular, relaxed, loose fit, skinny, straight, and bootcut jeans are always a good choice. Once you find a fit you like, next comes what wash you prefer.

If you aim for a casual look, you can go for any wash. For a more formal look, darker jeans may be a better choice.

Selecting the best shoes for men

Picking the right men’s shoes shouldn't be difficult! Your everyday staple shoe demands the best, and the Chukkas are ideal. Below are the easiest ways to self shoes for your outfits.

Boots and jeans make a more rugged combo. When it comes to pair jeans with boots, a regular fit looks best. Your wash can vary depending on the event you are headed to; Lighter for a more casual look and darker for a more formal look.

Sneakers are the most popular shoe type. They are suitable to wear with or without socks. Sneakers for men create a relaxed but stylish look. Loafers, boat shoes, and Chelsea boots are also a top choice. If your jeans are faded, put a lot of focus on your shoes as they may be the focal point of your outfit.

 For dress shoes like loafers and Oxford shoes for men, you have to find the right jeans. Slim-fit jeans are the most stunning to wear with Oxford shoes. Dress shoes are the best, and the jeans should not be too long.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wearing the perfect pair of shoes can favour you in a lot of ways. The best shoes for men can elevate your outfit's look to a whole new level and keep your fashion game on.

There are so many formal shoes with different patterns from which you can choose from.  


That’s all you need to know about shoes for men, and we hope that the above guide will help you team up with the right pair of shoes. Personalize your look by choosing the right shoes that go well with your outfit from Members Only.


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