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Hilary Fornefeld's Stranger Things (& Members Only) Obsession

A huge thank you to Hilary for posting this AWESOME blog post!

members only women's jacket
jacket for women

Big thank you to Members Only for sponsoring this post – all opinions are my own.

Happy Monday friends! How was everyone’s weekends?… On Saturday I went to the Dead and Company concert, and it was easily one of the best nights of my young life. I believe it is so so important to see as many shows as you can from the artists of the 60’s and 70’s, because you never know when it could be their last (it’s a depressing thought, I know). So after last night, I will now be able to tell my kids AND grandkids about that time I saw Bob Weir live – and it makes me so sad to think that my future children will never have the chance to see any of these legends. Anyways, it’s safe to say my life is now complete.

Moving on to a new decade, the 80’s. Although 80’s music doesn’t even come close to compare to the talent of the 60’s and 70’s, my INSANE (and slightly unhealthy) obsession with Stranger Things has turned me on to this decade in terms of style (not to mention, the show takes place in my home state of Indiana, so I can totally relate to the residents of Hawkins).

When I first teamed up with Members Only, I immediately thought of Steve from Stranger Things, and how he rocks the Members Only jacket on the show. IDK if it was due to the fact that he had the WORST luck this season, and I kinda felt bad for the kid, but Steve slowly morphed in to one of my favorite characters (TBH, Nancy was pretty much the worst girlfriend ever to Steve… Nancy you kinda suck). In conclusion, I found this amazingly 80’s inspired Stranger Things sweatshirt to pair with the jacket, along with these sneakers (because it wouldn’t be 80’s inspired without some old-school Reeboks). Go get your own Members Only jacket, so you can be prepared to destroy some Demodogs, just like Steve.

women's jacket
members only jacket for women
Hilary with members only jacket
jacket for women

This is an excerpt from Hilary's blog post. To see the full post, click here! And make sure you show her some love on Instagram here! 


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