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6 Ways to Cozy-Up This Winter - Members Only Style

women's boyfriends jackets

From wearing heels on icy sidewalks to making sure you’ve got the perfect angled shot of your amazing brunch at your favorite cozy café, often times being a fashion influencer or blogger comes with a few “job hazards.” Have to pose for photos outside in frigid temperatures this winter? 

Don’t worry Members Only has you covered! Whether in New York, Toronto, or even London, these 6 jackets never let a little “wintry mix” dampen your style. Let these cozy styles be your fashion inspiration for the rest of winter (sorry, it’s not over yet!).   

For the Ladies! 

Women’s Elongated Bomber 

The perfect fall & winter coat, our women's Elongated Bomber features a fur-lined hood and elongated fit. Pair with your favorite cozy fleece-lined leggings and fur-lined snow boots! 

Women’s Satin Long Bomber 

Who doesn't love a good elongated bomber? Our women's Satin Long Bomber is similar to our women's Washed Satin Boyfriend Bomber but elongated to keep you warm. After all, we are trying to cover up in style. Pair any color with your most stylish black or grey skinny jeans. 

Women’s Velvet Bomber 

Looking for a little luxury for a night out downtown, but need to stay warm? Look no further, rock the Velvet Bomber with a luxurious velvet material in a cool camouflage and green. Slightly oversized to fit that below zero go-to knit tunic sweater.  

For the Men! 

Men’s Heavy Twill Iconic  

Love the Classic Iconic Racer? Perfect for those chilly winter months, the Heavy Twill Iconic features a fully-lined and filled interior, but still has all the signatures of our IconicWarm, classic and trendy? Told you we had you covered for these frigid temps. 

Men’s Longer Modern Iconic Racer Jacket 

What about taking that classic look and making it longer? That’s right we took the Classic Iconic Racer jacket and made it longer! Perfect for the winter season. With all the signatures (epaulletes, throat latch, and front chest pocket with logo), our modern iconic racer features a zip closure and two waist pockets all in a longer silhouette.  

Men’s Cotton Knit Iconic Sweater 

What do you do when you love the Iconic Racer so much, but don't want an actual jacket? Grab it in sweater form. Our sweater features the classic silhouette of the iconic racer jacket but in 100% cotton knit. Cozy-up with this one indoors by the fireplace or layer it under your Iconic Jacket! 


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