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Top Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 is well on its way and we can’t help but wonder what the top trends of the year will be. Last year it was all about the velvet and suede, so what’ll it be this year? So, we’ve compiled a list of the top fashion trends of 2018.



The sight of fringe might make you think of Coachella or Halloween, but this year will make you rethink all of that. Fringe is one the top trends of 2018. Expect to see it on everything from purses to jackets to accessories. And don't just save it for a night out, wear it during the day, too, by wearing smaller accessories like purses or earrings. 

Belted Shoes



There is just something about a buckle detail that gives a shoe that little extra oomph. It’s a versatile yet strong detail, so you can make a statement without being too flashy. If you want to dip your toes in the trend, try adding a pair of flats with a belted detail or take it up a notch with a belted boot. 

Purple - Everything



Ultra violet is the color of 2018, so expect to see it EVERYWHERE. We’re a huge fan of any shade of purple - we have some purple jackets ourselves - but you can bet you’ll see purple in some form or another a lot this year. If you’re looking to add a pop of purple to your wardrobe, try it on a pair of shoes, a sweater, or if you’re feeling extra, a faux leather skirt.

Utility Jumpsuits



We thank whoever brought back the jumpsuit trend and applaud those who helped make it stick. The utilitarian twist is a fun take on the trend - it draws inspiration from classic fight suits and features a boxy and boyish style.

60’s Floral Prints



While “florals for spring” is not exactly groundbreaking (Devil Wears Prada reference), the 60’s spin make it fresh for 2018. The designs feature dramatic colors and large buds. Try mixing the print with other prints - (like checks) for a fun spin on the trend. Bonus points for taking the trend to accessories - like a pair of ankle booties or backpack.

Oversized Jewelry



Gaudy, oversized jewelry was everywhere in the 80’s (just like Members Only), and now it’s back. The oversized earring and layered necklaces are a welcome reprieve from the delicate jewelry seen in the last decade or so. Try adding statement earrings or lots of layered necklaces to your 2018 wardrobe. Bonus points if you rock them with your Members Only jacket.



You can thank Chanel for the PVC trend - it was all over their 2018 runway show. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water with this trend, start with a shoe or a bag.

Fisherman Bags



Probably the most intriguing trend of 2018 is the fisherman bag. Hailed as the next “It” bag, fashion designers took the netting and design of the classic fisherman tote and made it into a stylish bag for fashionistas. We’d be lying if we say we aren’t intrigued…

We aren’t the biggest trend followers here at Members Only, we think you should wear whatever you want whenever you want, but it’s fun to add some new pieces to your wardrobe now and then. After all, it is fashion!

Thank you PopSugar for the inspiration for this article!


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