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Bomber Jackets for Men: Where They Were and Where They Are Now

Bomber Jackets Mens

When you think of a classic jacket what do you think of? Most people think of the bomber-style jacket. You know, the one that everybody wore in the 1980’s. But how much do you actually know about these jackets? We’ve got the answers.


The bomber jacket is timeless, but did you know they originated during World War I? During the war, most airplanes didn’t have a covered cockpit, so pilots had to do something to keep warm.

So, the U.S. Army established the ‘Aviation Clothing Board’ in 1917, where they began giving pilots leather flight jackets. These flight jackets were made with heavy-duty leather, wraparound collars, zip closures, cozy waists and cuffs, as well as fur lining.

During World Ward II, the flight jacket got upgraded to the classic sheepskin flying jacket. And in America, the most historical jackets are the A-2 and G-1 jacket – although today, flight jackets are widely associated with the now-obsolete MA-1 military jacket. The MA-1 jacket is typically sage green and made with flight-slick nylon with an orange lining.

In the 1970’s, flight jackets were popular among the ‘scooterboys’ crowd. The 1980’s brought us the iconic baseball-style bomber jacket that never went out of style.

Modern Day

While the bomber jacket has come a long way since its World War I days, the significance and signature features were never lost. Today’s bomber jackets still feature the classic nylon body, sheepskin details, and sleek orange lining.

But, one thing that has changed is the variation of flight jackets. Thanks to endless fabrics, colors, and cuts, the modern flight jacket can easily suit every style.

Members Only has always been fond of remembering the good ol’ days. Our bomber jackets are reminiscent of the past with a hint of modern day feel. For example, our Members Only men’s Lightweight Jacket is in featherlight polyester (a nod to the classic bomber jacket) but features a zippered pocket on the right arm. It comes in three colors – black, grey, and white.

One of our coolest jackets to date is the Members Only Downtown Bomber jacket. Featuring a faux leather exterior with woven polyester sleeves and a double zip closure.

If you’re more of an uptown fan, try the Uptown Bomber, which features a sleek design with a faux leather body and faux suede sleeves. Also has a zip closure - a double zip closure, to be exact.

If you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane, grab our Members Only Heritage Bomber Jacket. This nod to the past features a faux shearling collar, sleek faux leather body and our signature chest pocket with logo.

To see our entire collection of bomber jackets, click here.

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  • Nice fashion trend for men!I was thinking of giving a Saints Rogan Shearling Bomber Jacket to my brother on birthday but now I ’ll give him this leather jacket.

    Jennifer H .Westfall on

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