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Members Only®

The Original Jacket for Women

jacket for women

Members Only was built on the Iconic Racer jacket. Thanks to its signature details – such as the throat latch, shoulder epaulettes, and logoed chest pocket – it’s recognizable anywhere and everywhere.

And for the longest time, it was just a men’s jackets.

Now, that’s not to say that women didn’t wear our Iconic Racer jacket – especially when the over-sized ‘steal-your-boyfriend’s’ trend started – and never left. But, the fit tended to skew towards baggy or shapeless. So, we decided to make our original jackets for women.

Well, at least in a slimmer fit.

Our new Iconic Racer jacket is now in a slimmer fit, perfect for those who aren’t a fan of the over-sized look. The now unisex jacket means you don’t have to steal your significant others every time you want to wear a Members Only Iconic Racer jacket.

But if men’s jackets aren’t your style, try our Washed Satin Boyfriend Jacket. This spin on the original jacket for women is perfect for those looking for a more feminine fit and material. This flight satin jacket has a slightly oversized fit and can take any outfit from day-to-night. But, we do have enough colors so you can change the color come happy hour.

Whether you’re looking for the original Members Only jacket, or looking for a fresh take on a classic, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out our full selection of Iconic Racer jackets here. And if Iconic’s aren’t your thing, check out our entire women’s collection here.


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