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What's Up with Denim Jackets For Men?

Denim Jackets For Men

Denim jackets have been around since the 1880’s. Yes, you read that right – the 1880’s. Levi Strauss is the legendary pioneer behind the timeless trend – including creating the first-ever jeans in 1870. Strauss created jeans as a utility garment for railroad engineers, cowboys, and miners to wear during the gold rush in the West.

Denim jackets, on the other hand, were created with laborers in mind since they were super durable.

While denim jackets for men have certainly evolved since their introduction in the 1880’s – one thing has remained, their functionality and effortless cool factor. Today’s denim jackets include everything from unexpected shapes, patches, colors, and styles.

Members Only was built on the Iconic Racer jacket but did you think we wouldn’t take a stab at the denim trend? Our first-ever denim collection features both classic and statement pieces.

The Members Only Denim Jacket, for example, features a mild acid wash body, signature throat latch chest pocket with logo, and a zip closure along the waist pockets. The jacket is a must-have for guys who know their style and sticks to it.

For fans of the 1980’s trends, the Members Only Acid Wash Denim Jacket is for you. With a more prominent acid wash, the Acid Wash Denim Jacket for men features our signature throat latch and check pocket with our logo.

Members Only Jean Jackets

And for you 90’s babies, show your love of classic Nickelodeon cartoons with our Nickelodeon x Members Only Denim Collection. Featuring ‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Rugrats’, these denim jackets are the ultimate way to show your 90’s cartoon appreciation.

The ‘Hey Arnold’ Denim Jacket features Arnold, Gerald, and Helga while the ‘Rugrat’s Denim Jacket features Tommy, Chuck, and Reptar. Both jackets feature a slight acid wash finish, logo'd chest pocket and button closure.

While denim jackets for men are often reserved for spring or fall, they can easily be layered for winter or draped over your shoulders during the summer months. After all, a jacket isn’t always just a means to keep warm – it’s fashion.

To shop the full Members Only Denim Collection, click here.


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