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Your Fashion Guide To The First Month Of Classes

The first month back to classes brings up a ton of emotions.  Excitement to see everyone after summer, anticipation for all your new courses, dread over what you’re going wear that first week back. Luckily, we’ve got that last one covered for you. We are giving you a comprehensive guide to make your life way easier and ensure that you are looking 10/10 when that first bell rings. 

Monday: The First Month Back

Monday is when everyone is pulling out the stops. With fresh sneakers, summer tans, and brand new clothes everyone is aiming to impress. We are all about putting effort in, but you also don’t want to try too hard.  So what’s the key? Keep it cool and casual with a bold windbreaker and some leather high tops. Easy, simple, and stylish.

Get The Look: ASYM Color Block Jacket  & Iconic High Tops

Tuesday: The Pep Rally

Pep Rallies have been going on for decades so take some inspiration from the past and don a retro inspired look.  Combine bright colors, 90’s references, and your best friends. Smells like teen spirit to us.
Get The Look: Nickelodeon Jackets & Twill Puffer Jacket

Wednesday: Extracurricular Activities

Clubs, sports, band, etc. The list of extracurriculars can go on forever. Whatever your passion is, your outfit should look great while doing it. You simply can’t go wrong with a cool denim jacket. Chuck it on over virtually anything for an easy and casual style.

Get The Look: Denim Jackets

Thursday: Study Hall

So it turns out school is actually for getting work done. There is no reason that you can’t look cool af while still studying hard and earning those top marks. Grab a jacket that is comfortable and will keep you warm in the freezing ac that all libraries seem to be so fond of. Brains and style? That is what we call a complete package.

Get The Look: Fall Jackets


Friday: The Big Game

Whether you are into sports or not, there is something exciting about those Friday night lights. Grab the gang and get into the spirit of the season with the only thing more legendary than your friends, The Iconic Racer. Go with a classic color like black or mix it up with a bright yellow. The possibilities are endless, much like the weekend ahead of you.

Get The Look: The Iconic Racer Jacket


The start of each new term brings with it the opportunity to re-set yourself and accomplish some great things. We hope that this Fall you are feeling confidant, excited, and dressed to turn heads. Remember to tag us @membersonlyusa so we can see your back to school style.



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