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80s Trends You Need To Try Today

Let’s be real, the 80s were a time and a half. Everything from the music to the fashion was completely revolutionary and have had a lasting impact on culture today. Like it or not, fashion trends from this decade have been slowly seeping into our modern trends. Today we are breaking down the best ways to incorporate these trends into your modern 2019 style.

Fanny Packs

Back in the day fanny packs were neon, nylon, and worn by everyone. In the past few seasons they have made a huge resurgence in the fashion world, but this time in sleek materials with modern design. Wear it around your waist or be extra trendy and sling it across your chest.


Scrunchies have had a long and rocky road. First becoming popular in the 80s and coming back with a vengeance in the late 2010s. They are fun, colorful, and a simple way to get a subtle retro feel.


When you think windbreakers in the 80s you probably are picturing a head to toe matching set in bright neon colors (possibly a sweatband thrown in there). Modern windbreakers are more influenced by streetwear and tend to have slimmer, more contemporary designs.  But hey, we still encourage some bright and bold colors.

Bucket Hats

T-shirt for men

Bucket hats are back on trend and it looks like they’ll be around for a minute.  This 80s staple was first popularized by the iconic LL Cool J and took off from there. Try one in a bright color or with a pattern and flip up the front brim for a modern feel.

The Iconic Racer Jacket

shoes for men
Some things are Iconic for a reason. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the 80s who didn’t own this jacket and it has reminded a classic since then. Lightweight and easy to toss on over anything it now comes in a range of colors and materials.
Now you have all the tools necessary to live your best 80s inspired life. Be sure to follow our Instagram @membersonlyusa and tag us when you try out these trends.


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