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Where to Travel and What to Wear This Fall

We know, we know... summer isn’t quite over yet. Most of us are still desperately hanging onto the last few days of sunshine, hours spent day drinking on the beach, and those perfect summer nights. But as it does every year, Fall will eventually creep in and win the fight. 

So, the question is how can we get amped for Fall? Answer: plan a killer weekend getaway somewhere amazing. Here’s our top Fall 2018 picks broken down for you. 

(side note: the world is huge and since there are so many options we limited it to USA locations. Let us know if you want to see another country!) 

The 'End of Summer' Party 

Where:  Miami, Florida 

Why: If you are unable to accept that summer is ending, and you are looking for that last tropical getaway Miami is for you. Spend time on the sandy beaches or dance your heart out to the sweet Latin sounds that play until dawn.  

With Who: Your Whole Crew 

What to Wear: Get inspired by the Art Deco colors that cover Miami and go for some soft pastels. Bring a pale pink or blue Spring Classic Iconic Racer to throw on when the temperature drops night. 

 Beach, Please

Where: Big Sur, California 

Why: There are few places in the world as stunning as Big Sur. Caught between the mountains and the sea this place is the ideal backdrop for some romance. Hike along the California Coast for some of the most stunning views out west or rent a car and travel up the iconic Highway 1.  

With Who: Your lover 

What to Wear: Northern California is notorious for its foggy mornings and rainy afternoons, especially by the coast. Think light layers that you can build up and of course top it off with a windbreaker to keep yourself dry. 

Y'all Come Back Now

Where: Austin, Texas 

Why: Bar crawls, live music, and killer BBQ. Austin has been on the radar for a while now as one of the best cities for letting loose. An ideal choice for a weekend away with friends. 

With Who: The Boys  

What to Wear: A cool faux leather jacket that you can wear day to night.  Easy, timeless, and a little bit badass.  

Time to Unwind 

Where: Portland, Maine 

Why: This place is straight out of a postcard. Both beautiful and historic you’ll start feeling relaxed as soon as you get there. Offering tons of scenic walks and coastal views this is a great place to head out to for some chill time. Its serene vibe makes it perfect for families or some good old-fashioned “me time”. 

With Who: Your Fam or Yourself 

What to Wear: Stay on the coastal theme with a sailor inspired design. Not only will it keep you warm and dry, but you’ll be totally ready for any maritime adventure.  


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