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What Is A Bomber Jacket and How To Style A Bomber Jacket?

Jackets are the best kind of winter wear that can completely ace up the look and upgrade the sense of fashion and class. Being the best way to feel warm and yet stylish, there is constant competition in bringing up different kinds of jackets. Bomber jackets are one such kind, which is always a very fashionable quotient and is warm and super comfortable. From being one of the most popular trendy jackets with a rich history to being an affordable one, bomber jackets win hearts. However, very little is heard about what a bomber jacket is and how to style it in different ways.

What is a bomber jacket?

A bomber jacket is commonly made out of leather fabric which is comfortable and very durable with a long lifespan. It is a traditional short waist-length jacket that comes with a ribbed waistband and gathered matching cuffs to be precise. The zipper front has functional pockets at the very top part and sides of the jackets. Aside from being made of leather, bomber jackets are also found in different fabrics like cotton, polyester, and nylon. The collar of the bomber jackets is flat round which matches the waistband or a typical collar of a shirt. It is indeed very traditional winter wear with a good sense of contemporary styles which can be well paired and matched.

How to style up a bomber jacket in different ways?

Got a bomber jacket? Here are all the ways by which you can style it up perfectly!

Style up casual

Bomber jackets are perfect if you want to get a perfect casual look. It is undoubtedly the best choice for men with a laid-back attitude and style. The minimalist suede jacket can be paired so well with any shade of denim and leather shoes and boots. If you wish, adding a hoodie underneath always adds warmth and can complement so well in a perfect casual and cozy manner. This casual sense of fashion can complement it so well when it is a casual styling vibe.

Get the Retro look

Bomber jackets are so fine when it comes to getting a retro appeal when it comes to wartime aviators. The vintage and old bomber jackets have soft and warm fleece collars that come with a wooden blend. You can completely get a retro look with a bomber jacket when you complement it with a shirt or a well-fitted tailored knitted sweater. Go for dark denim along with this fine-colored leather shoe. Retro looks are always trending and getting the same with a bomber jacket is going to be easy.

Style up in the athletic mood

When you decide to get that perfect athletic mood with bomber jackets, you need to get that perfect complimentary outfit and sense of fashion. A popular bomber jacket has various ways of getting that athletic look. You can easily get sportsmen to look with a bomber jacket precisely. When you wear a bomber jacket over a blazer and you pair it up with chino shoes and loafers it gives you a very neat and polished fitness look precisely.

Bomber jackets have always been the best way to reflect style and personality. It brings in a sense of style and fashion statement no matter what your mood is, starting from getting a very casual look to having a retro and athletic mood, bomber jackets are always going to be trendy. Knowing what to compliment with a bomber jacket is the best idea to bring in a fashion statement in the best way.


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