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Unique Ways to Style Oversized Jacket Outfits

There are many people who prefer wearing oversized jackets or baggy clothes. This should not come as a surprise as they can easily pull it off with ease. Whether it is oversized denim jacket or for that matter oversized fall jacket for women, you can easily wear them alone without any additional clothing or accessories.

However, there are multiple ways through which you can revamp your look if you are wearing oversized jeans jacket for women or for that matter any other types of oversized jackets. Pairing oversized jackets with other accessories or clothing items can help you revamp your entire look.

However, it is often seen that styling an oversized jacket could initially be a bit tricky and intimidating for people, which again should hold no surprises. It is the reason we are here to help ease your concerns regarding the styling of an oversized coat. This is important as not styling an oversized coat well can do more harm than good. It could spoil your entire look; make you look sloppy and draw attention towards you in a negative way.

Keep reading for few important tips and tricks that could help you style your oversized bomber jacket or oversized windbreaker and make you look chic and elegant.

Style oversized bomber jacket with a belt

Bomber jackets have zips in front and fitted waist and cuffs. Casual and versatile, bomber jackets pair amazingly well with an extensive range of clothes. Adding a belt to your oversized bomber jacket would be a great way to accentuate your overall look and make a strong style statement. A belt will augment your waist, that means highlight your waist, and enhance your style quotient. A good idea is to go for a bold belt that will allow you to make a bold fashion statement. Another nice idea is to pair your oversized jacket with biker shorts and then sling a belt over it. A recipe perfect for that smart and casual street look. You can throw in a boot as well for added impact.

Style oversized jeans jacket with tight-fitting clothes

Pairing oversized jacket with closely fitting clothes will create a nice contrast, and highlight your overall look. Oversized jackets are enough to make a strong statement all by themselves. When you pair them with fitted or skinny jeans or tops, you are further accentuating your look. Tight-fitting jeans or tops or a pair of fitted leggings will create an exciting silhouette and augment your overall style. You can also try different combinations to create a casual business look.

Style oversized windbreaker with oversized bottoms

Here’s how you can combine two oversize items to create a chic look. Just pair your oversized jacket with oversized bottoms or wide-legged bottoms. The combination will give you that ultra-cool edgy look. And to round it off, you can opt for ankle boots or sneakers.

Women’s oversized jackets

Creating a sharp contrast by wearing two completely different items of clothing is a definite head-turner. And the best way to achieve a sharply-contrast look is to pair women’s oversized jackets with a feminine skirt or dress for that modern feminine look. And to complete the overall look, do not forget to wear knee-length booties. Black tights go well with women oversized jacket as they can keep you warm and smug. A very important aspect of this dressing is that you can carry it off with ease the entire day.

Another good idea would be to pair oversized jackets with a floral dress for that casual fun look. A pencil skirt with a jacket for the casual business look also comes highly recommended from fashion experts. To cut a long story short, you can try different styles with your jacket for different types of chic and elegant look. Keep trying a combination of different types of prints and skirts to gel seamlessly with different events and occasions.


There are different ways you can style your oversized jackets to deliver a perfect style statement. You can also take help of experts to know better how you can better balance your look with your oversized jackets.


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