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Styling Your Iconic Racer 

The Classic Iconic Racer jacket has been around for decades, literally. It’s just one of those timeless styles that doesn’t get old and stays cool af for every generation. Today we are breaking down the where and why of this jacket and giving you four modern ways to style it. 

For A Casual Adventure 

(Photo: @heyitsfischer)

The cut of the jacket is inherently casual and has a bit of a utilitarian vibe. Play that up on your weekend adventures (or weekday, live your best life) with some casual denim and fresh sneakers. Add on a hoodie to keep the fit relaxed and for some extra warmth during the colder months. Okay, perfect! You are ready for an adventure.  

For The Weekend Escapades

(Photo: @thekelleyshow)

Do you hear that? It’s Friday night calling, and this is most defiantly the look. Be a little bit bold with color, since it’s dark in the club/bar and you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. A casual button up with a cool pattern is perfect under a uniquely colored Iconic. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and call your crew. This Friday is going to be epic. 

For The Vintage Lovers

(Photo: @oliviaskelding)

So this looks is giving us all the feels with nods to both current trends and vintage style influences. Stick to the Iconic Racers 80’s roots with a graphic tee and some light wash denim (extra points if it’s high waisted). Toss on your Iconic for the perfect vintage vibe but keep it modern with some funky accessories.

For The 9 to 5  

(Photo: @chasecarpenterofficial)

So it’s basically inevitable that you are going to have to get a little bit dressy now and again. Be it work or an event, there is no reason you have to keep your Iconic Racer exclusively in the casual part of your closet. Toss on a button up shirt, a tie, and some pants (that aren’t denim) to elevate your Iconic to the next level. Add in a scarf to add a touch of sophistication and you are ready to impress.

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