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Spring/Summer 2019 Menswear Trends

The warm weather is moving in and with these long Spring and Summer days comes new trends to try. Today we are breaking down four of our favorite trends that are popping up all over our Instagram feed. These are trends that are cool, but also totally wearable. So take some inspiration and remember to tag us @membersonlyusa if you try them out!

Old School Graphics

Spring/Summer 2019 Mens Jacket Trends

@sirtyjuly wearing The Nickelodeon Denim Trucker Jacket

Graphic prints are always where it’s at, but take it to a sentimental level and get a piece with some of your favorite old school characters. There is nothing better than repping some cool 90’s Nick cartoons and it is guaranteed to bring out the inner kid in you.

Complementary Color Blocking

Spring Summer 2019 Mens JacketTrends

@nickarrington1 wearing The Iconic Racer

You’ve probably heard of color blocking before, but this summer it’s happening in a simple and more subtle way. Create a colored block look with solid pieces to create a cohesive outfit. When choosing colors pick ones that are distinctly different but with similar warm or cool tones. That way it feels intentional instead of thrown together.

White Kicks

Spring/Summer 2019 Mens footwear Trends

@Septembermondays wearing The Iconic Bomber High-Tops

Let’s be real white sneakers have never truly been out of style, but you will see a huge resurgence of them this summer. The style of the sneaker has become bolder and the best part is that they pair with absolutely everything. The key to this is to keep them looking fresh (a challenge we know), there is nothing worse than when they lose their shine.

Translucent Fabrics

Summer 2019 Menswear Trends
📷@cmyers1105 & @theonlyedwardkim wearing Printed Camo & Translucent Jacket

There is something that is inherently cool about pulling off a translucent fabric. Maybe because it gives off a futuristic vibe, or because with one simple piece of clothing it looks like you have great fashion sense. Either way, adding in this unique texture to your wardrobe is going to up your style game 10 points.


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