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How to Wear It: The Denim Jacket

If there is one piece of clothing we can safely say is a closet staple (other than our Iconic Racer jacket, of course), it’s a denim jacket. If your #OOTD goals is effortless chic, look no further than the effortlessly chic denim jacket. Want some inspiration for wearing this closet staple?

We’ve got you covered.

Crop it Up

While we’re all for the oversized trend, cropped denim jackets are inching into the spotlight. To pull off the look, pair it with high-waisted jeans and a crop top.

Play Dress Up

Want to add a little something extra to your denim jacket outfit? Try grabbing an embellished denim jacket. To make it an outfit, throw it over your favorite maxi dress for a spring-approved look.

Add Some Color 

If you’re sick of the same ol’ blue denim jacket, why not invest in a colored one? A black denim jacket can double as workwear thanks to its blazer vibes, but don’t count out pastels such as light pink or lavender. If you’re not trying to go too overboard, pair pastel denim with neutral colors like white, beige, or black.

Layering Up

Take layering to the next level by throwing on a denim jacket over a pullover. It’ll give you instant street-style-star vibes and keep you warm during the chilly spring nights.

All Rolled Up

Transition your denim to summer by rolling up the sleeves. To complete the look, throw your denim jacket over a bralette and a pair of leggings. Now you’ve got a go-to, summer-approved outfit.

The Light Wash

We aren’t one for rules – so we’re not about to listen to the age-old rule of not mixing light wash and dark wash denim. Pair your favorite light wash denim over dark wash or black denim jeans. Way cooler than the Canadian tuxedo.


 Off-the-shoulder is having a moment, but don’t leave your denim jacket out. Pair with your favorite floral dress and sneakers for an effortless spring look. Want to know a trick? To keep the jacket from sliding off, button one of the bottom buttons.


If you’re not quite ready to go totally off-shoulder, try the half-shoulder. It’s not quite off-shoulder but not totally on, either. For this look, try wearing an oversized piece with your favorite t-shirt dress. Outerwear that matches the length of your dress keeps the look clean and polished.

Short Story

When the weather is not quite enough to go sans-jacket but warm enough to show off the legs, pair your fav denim jacket with shorts. It’s light enough to keep you from sweating but heavy enough to withstand the spring breeze.

The Throw Over 

Your new go-to spring and summer denim jacket look? Tossing it over the shoulder. It’s perfect for those warm days that you still want to wear a denim jacket but don’t want to drown in sweat. You can literally wear this trend with any outfit, but we like it with a summer dress.

Great Graphics 

Solid denim pieces are a classic, but if you’re getting sick of the same ol’ same ol’, try grabbing a denim jacket with graphics or patches – like the Members Only Nickelodeon Denim jacket. We can’t be held liable if your S.O. tries to steal it every damn day though…


Do you have a favorite way to wear a denim jacket? Let us know in the comments below!


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