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Fashion Friday: Individuality

Racer Jacket For Men's & Women's

Being an individual is about being yourself. Simply put. What makes you “yourself” is the authenticity you reflect out onto the world, not caring about what people may think or say about you.

The freedom of saying what you feel, laughing out loud, standing up for what you believe in, and wearing what makes you feel confident. What you may, or may not realize, is that what you wear is an artistic expression of who you are.

Fashion, is an art form. What you wear can make a political statement, can make people laugh, can make people curious, and can make people get an idea of who you are, and what your personality is like.

Men's & Women's Jacket

Often times we feel that we have to change ourselves by dressing a certain way that people may see as “acceptable” or “popular”. Hence, we try to fit in. But when we try to fit in, we are doing ourselves and others a disservice, because we aren’t truly expressing who we are as an individual.

We are simply conforming, and there is no fun in that. So express yourself darling! And when you do, you'll find that when you stand out, you could be the one setting the stage for others to be themselves as well.

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Check out two of our D.C based influencers who express their individuality on the daily! Brittany and Long. You can check them out on Instagram below.

Brittany: @seebritmakeup

Long @lloverboy_

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