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Fall 2019 Trends You Need To Know About

While some of you may still be hanging onto the last month of summer, over at Members Only we are fully invested in the idea of Fall 2019. There is nothing better than when the weather starts to cool down, the layers start to build up, and the trees in Central Park begin to fade into shades of auburn and brown. Today we are breaking down the hottest trends for Fall ‘19 to get you hyped on the change of season and have you looking 10/10 straight into winter.

Puff Puff Pass

Looking for a way to add some instant cool vibes? Throw on a puffer jacket. It’s as simple as that. Puffer jackets have been around since 1936 and have come in and out of fashion throughout the decades. They had a moment of fame again in the 90’s and are in a revival period as we finish off 2019. They give off a slightly vintage sportswear vibe but paired with some modern denim and funky accessories you’ll be nailing the trend
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Entering The Space Age

Let’s be real, space has always been cool. From real life astronauts riding rockets into the unexplored frontier to the Hollywood’s Matthew McConaughey making us all want to be scientists after seeing Interstellar. This inspiration is starting to sink into the fashion world as well with designs that channel some intergalactic feels. Make this look wearable with modern materials and silhouettes with details that simply reference this theme. Toss on this Nasa Windbreaker and go about your day feeling like the space adventurer you’ve always wanted to be.

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His and Hers. Hers and His.

We all know that fashion has no rules. That is why in Fall ‘19 we are seeing more unisex styles than ever before. Jump on the band wagon and try a look that is a bit outside your comfort zone. You can experiment with color, style, cut, and size to rebel against stereotypes and find a look that is 100% you.

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Blend In To Stand Out

Camo has been having a moment for a while now, but this seasons version has a bit more edge. Instead of the classic high contrast green and brown pattern that you are used to seeing, Fall ‘19 is coming at it from a darker and more textural angle. The more subdued colors give off a subtle vibe that doesn’t outright scream army inspired. Instead it is a modern take that is printed on contemporary materials, making this common pattern feel brand new.

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Fall 2019 looks like it is going to be one for the books. Over at Members Only we are all about keeping up with the trends and making them feel authentic to our personal style. Remember to tag us @membersonlyusa on Instagram when you try some of these looks out!


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