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Absolute Must Haves For Your Summer Travels


In addition to the days getting longer, your skin getting tanner, and your social calendar filling up with weddings and barbecues; summer offers a prime opportunity to get out of your town and go somewhere amazing. Whether it be a staycation, a weekend road trip, a backpacking around Asia, or a European cruise we’ve put together a list of travel essentials that will make your trip more fun and your travels way easier.

Polaroid Camera

Image by @klinkerbelll wearing the Washed Satin Boyfriend Jacket

 Polaroids have been making a huge comeback in the past few years and we are not mad about it. They are easy to use and have this nostalgic feel that just can’t be beat. Plus, if you are out with friends and pull out a polaroid camera, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Seriously, it’s a great party trick.

The Ultimate Travel Jacket

@ben_ajani wearing the Classic Iconic Racer Jacket

Goes with everything, lightweight, won’t wrinkle, and looks amazing. Need we say more about the Iconic Racer Jacket? We recommend getting it in a darker color (shows less dirt) but hey, it’s your vacation, go wild and grab it in white too.

Compression Packing Cubes

If you are packing for a trip *especially a long one* and not using compression packing cubes, you need to reevaluate right now. In addition to organizing your luggage and making your life easier on the trip, you can free up a ton of space. Meaning, you can bring more souvenirs home. It’s a win/win.

Grooming Kit’s Are Your Friend

A compact grooming kit is something that you simply can’t leave at home. You never know when a stray hair is going to make an untimely appearance and being prepared is the only option. Luckily these small kits have all the essentials conveniently contained in a beautiful leather case.

So now that you have your travel essentials all you need to do now is book the trip! Remember to tag us on Instagram @membersonlyusa so we can see all your summer adventures. Bon voyage!



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