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9 Ways to Dress Up a Basic T-Shirt

women's classic iconic racer jacket
@draw_matic_ wearing Classic Iconic Racer Jacket 

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? They’re the epitome of a basic and there are literally hundreds of ways to wear one. But we’ll be honest, sometimes we get stuck in the rut of “I’ll just pair my t-shirt with jeans.” So how do we dress up the basic tee? We’ve got you covered.

classic iconic racer jacket for men

@itsadamcole wearing Classic Iconic Racer Jacket 

Wear it With a Skirt

biker jacket for women

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While pairing a tee with a skirt isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, the type of skirt you wear your t-shirt with can take it from basic to extra. Try pairing a simple tee with a polished plaid skirt and complete the look with statement shoes.

Wear it Under a Bustier

It’s unlikely you haven’t seen this trend on Instagram or on fashions elite. Pairing one under a bustier top is an expectedly creative way to upgrade your basic t-shirt. Pair with a fun midi-skirt or just a pair of black jeans if you’re feeling more casual.

Wear Under a Blazer


This look works best with a statement t-shirt. A statement tee will take the rigidness away from the blazer and make it less workwear and more happy-hour ready. Pair with some dark wash jeans and sleek booties for a cool yet sophisticated look.

Wear it Under a Fancy Dress

Want to make that favorite fancy dress of yours wearable in the daytime? Layer it over a t-shirt. Now that dress you thought you could never wear suddenly became wearable again.

Wear it With High Waisted Jeans


We don’t think the high-waisted jean trend is going anywhere, so why not let your t-shirt in on the fun? Pair your favorite solid or graphic tee with your favorite high-waisted jeans for a serious ‘70s vibe.

Wear it Over Trousers


 If you aren’t a fan of the tucked-in trend, try wearing your t-shirt over your favorite pair of trousers. This trend works best with a graphic or statement tee paired with printed trousers – such as gingham print.

Wear it With a Suit Set


Suit sets aren’t just for the workplace. To make your suit set out-of-office appropriate, try wearing a t-shirt with it instead of a fancy silk blouse. Here’s a tip: if you’re going straight from work to happy hour, bring a t-shirt with you to work and change before drinks. You’re welcome.

Wear it Monochromatically


We’re still all about the monochromatic look. Grab a t-shirt in an unexpected color – like rust or mustard – and pair with coordinating bottoms such as rust colored jeans or a mustard skirt.

Wear it With Heels


If a t-shirt and jeans if your M.O., why not try dressing up a bit with a pair of heels and red lip for a little pop of color? The addition of lipstick and heels takes the look for super casual to super cool. This look pairs well with any type of t-shirt, honestly. It all depends on the vibe you are going for.

And if you feel like throwing on a jacket over your outfit, Members Only has you covered. Check out our favorite spring/summer jackets here.

Have a favorite t-shirt trend? Let us know in the comments below!


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