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Members Only Top 10 Countdown - Movie Edition

The 85th Academy Awards are happening this weekend and we're totally excited for it. In preparation for this momentous event, we've compiled our very own Members Only Top 10 Countdown - Movie Edition! In our opinion, any film that features a Members Only jacket should be an Oscar winner. Here it goes.

10. Bedazzled

9. Shallow Hal

8. The Love Guru

7. The Other Guys

6. Cannonball Run

5. Argo (on Ben Affleck)

4. Blade Runner. Philip K. Dick (R) was the author who inspired the movie. He's posing with director Ridley Scott (L).

3. The Goonies

2. Jurassic Park

And the top spot goes to...

1.  Jurassic Park again, for the most awesome movie scene ever featuring a Members Only jacket!