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The Unisex Jacket

Denim jacket for men

With fashion evolving from season to season, one thing has become clear – there are no rules in fashion and there no boundaries to style. Even the age-old ‘rules’ of gender specific clothing are merging. One example of gender-bending fashion? Outerwear.

Long gone are the days of donning an oversized ‘boyfriend’ jacket. These days, couples don’t want to purchase separate jackets – they want an amazing fashion piece that can be worn by both. Not only does it save cash, it saves closet space. And in the present age of matchbox sized apartments, that’s a luxury.

For the forever child who still enjoys reruns of Nickelodeon cartoons, we recommend our Hey Arnold Denim Jacket or our Rugrats Denim Jacket. Featuring your favorite cartoon characters on the back and the Nickelodeon logo on the front, these jackets are sure to make any girl or guy the coolest in the room.

The Iconic Racer Jacket is perfect to borrow from your partner’s wardrobe. With every color under the sun to choose from and our signature features (throat latch, shoulder epaulettes, and chest pocket with logo), it’s obviously a wardrobe staple.

classic jacket for women

If you aren’t in the market for a jacket, you should pick up our Varsity or Iconic Sweater. The Varsity sweater has striped ribbed detailing on the neck and wrists and the Iconic Sweater is just like our Iconic Racer Jacket but in sweater form.

Whether you’re looking to save cash or space, check out our unisex jackets here.


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