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Top Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The decade is coming to a rapid close and 2020 is going to be here before we know it. As we approach this exciting New Year the team at Members Only have been asking themselves a few critical questions. What is going to be on trend in the new decade? How are styles going to change? What does that mean for all the Members out there?!
Luckily, through research and some incredible trend forecasting we have the answers. So keep reading to know what is going to be in for 2020 and be sure to shop all your favorite looks!

Fanny pack, but with a twist

If you have ever used a fanny pack you know how convenient they are. 2020 will see no shortage of them but this year they will used for a bold graphic moment. With loud logos, patterns, and deigns they are the accessory that speaks for itself. A cool way to carry your essentials and a way to add personality to a look? Yes.

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Puffers are the move

Once upon a time puffers were reserved for days when it was just too cold outside, but now they are a full vibe that we absolutely love.  In addition to keeping you warm there is something that is just so cool and effortless about them. Layer them up and hit the streets for a comfortable and on-trend outfit.

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NASA is calling, they love your look

There is something that just works about cool NASA merch. It plays equally to the nostalgic history and ideas for the future. Channel your inner space explorer and dare to go deep into this trend in 2020. No worries, actual intergalactic travel is encouraged, but not required.

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When the 90s become vintage


This is for all the 90s kids out there. We get it. It’s kind of insane to think of your favorite childhood characters as a throwback, but as we enter the new decade, the days of watching all your favorite cartoons seems farther and farther away. The good news? It is officially cool to represent your Saturday Icons on a vintage inspired jacket. 90’s references will be big in 2020 so get ready! 

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Blurred lines with loungewear

If you are a big believer in never getting out of your pajamas, then this 2020 trend is for you. The hazy line between street clothes and loungewear will be even further erased as we move into the new decade. Joggers, sweats, and even sleep pants will be prevalent outside of the home. Cozy levels have been reported to be on the rise for the new year. 

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