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Fanny packs are for the minimalist. 

Fanny packs are great worn around the waist or as an over the shoulder bag. These bags are small and most importantly super convenient. There’s no need to scramble through multiple pockets to find your everyday essentials. It’s better to have less stress and more ease throughout the day.

Backpacks go hand and hand with comfort and style.

You can never go wrong with a backpack! A laptop, tablet or your favorite Members Only jacket can fit in a backpack. Multiple pockets provide you the option of bringing whatever you need for the day in a more organized fashion. Small pockets are great for holding a charger for your phone, a lip balm and of course headphones. The larger components can store a water bottle, notebooks or a snack. Padded straps enhance comfort and allows you to be hands free for the day.  



A gym bag can work wonders for those that have a lot to carry.  

Gym bags have got you covered to carry practically anything you need. Whether you’re making your way to the gym or staying the night at a friend’s this is the bag for you. Dual straps give you the option of carrying it in your hand or over your shoulders. This bag embodies the saying “the more the merrier.”


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