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The Top 6 Streetwear Trends of 2019

2018 saw the rise of dad fashion, military themes, and oversized everything in the streetwear world. It’s no secret that streetwear is here to stay thanks to “trying-but-not-trying-too-hard” aesthetic.

And while sure the trends of 2018 won’t die down, we wanted to look ahead at the top streetwear trends of 2019.

Here are 6 of them.

The Fall of Skinny Pants

Say goodbye to your beloved skinny pants – it’s officially flare season. And yes, even for men. Flares were everywhere at the European men’s fashion shows in 2019. Guest were spotted in Von Dutch flares, ivory flared trousers and even pink bell bottoms.

The Streetwear Suit

Why give up your comfy clothes for a tailored suit when you don’t have to? A new streetwear trend is a head-to-toe knit outfit or relaxed suit. (Fun fact: this is “softboy” trend. Not familiar with the term? Learn about it here). Fashion show guests utilized the trend with roomy suits in mint or lilac and even a powder blue “grandpa” sweater with matching leggings and a Gucci purse.

All About the Cross-Body Bag

Fanny packs have been trending for the past year and thanks to the amount of men carrying them during fashion month, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. And it’s not just trendy, it’s practical. How else are you going to fit your phone, camera, snacks, etc. in your pockets? But it’s not just fanny packs – it’s cross-body purchases like those from Fendi or Louis Vuitton. Sure, it’s an advanced take on the trend, but we can tell it’s going to be the new normal.

Who Wears Shorts Shorts

Ready for a little history lesson? In the 1800s, American boys work shorts until they reached a certain age or height. Then, they’d receive their first pair of long pants and avoid wearing shorts again at the risk of looking “immature”. Today, some men still hold that mentality but during the 2019 spring fashion shows, men were seen in small denim shorts, khaki shorts, tailored shorts with suits, and more. Could be an extension of dad fashion or just because it’s hot AF in denim jeans.


Sure vests have been around forever, but we didn’t expect to see them during the 2019 fashion shows – especially utility vests. The Spring 2018 men’s collections featured utility-inspired looks from Raf Simons and Chitose Abe of Sacai. Fashion experts think the trend is on the rise because utility vests add just a hint of that “rugged” vibe.

The Anti-Fashion Fashion Logo

A trend from way back when, designer logos are regaining their popularity – on and off the runway. The true fashion-obsessed are on the hunt for logoed pieces no one else will have. After all, there are few things worse than showing up somewhere in the same logoed tee as 10 other guys. ASAP Rocky sported a sheer, vintage Dior logoed shirt from Kim Jones while others worn the Virgil Abloh’s for Louis Vuitton tonal embossed vest. This time around, it’s all about the abstract logo, though.

Are you thinking of trying any of these streetwear trends next year? Let us know if you are!

(Article inspiration & images from Vogue)


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