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The Three Textures You Need In Your Wardrobe 😍

With Spring on the horizon, we are looking forward to shedding our heavy winter coats and opting for something a bit more lightweight and textural. 2019 is the year of dynamic fabrics and we are bringing you three of the coolest materials that will instantly change any ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.

Translucence is the New Neutral

Ever been bummed out that you have to cover your epic outfit with a coat? Well, the translucent jacket trend is going to solve all those problems. Made of lightweight, yet durable materials the interesting texture is bound to bring your look up about 10 levels. If you want the translucent vibe but aren’t into a fully see through jacket, try one with dual layers. A cool camo print on bottom and the translucent layer on top. It’s the best of both worlds.

Corduroy Is Not Seasonal

Corduroy has been around for ages, but typically is thought of as a fall fabric. This spring however, it is being reinvented in a vintage inspired varsity jacket. The key is the fresh colors that we are seeing it in. Reinvented the fabric in an earthy green, golden ochre, and a classic black brings a new breath of life into this “fall staple”. The textured fabric is bound to bring in an interesting element to any outfit and the nostalgic vibe of this jacket makes it perfect for all the vintage lovers.

The Windbreaker Is Back

Windbreakers are the perfect balance of sporty vibes and utilitarian street style. In addition to just being a practical fabric that’s easy to style and clean, the added texture of a windbreaker is a good way to keep an outfit casual. With the rise of the sportswear trend this fabric has made an extreme come-back and you can find it in a ton of variations. Printed fabric, solid fabric, pullover, zip-up. The options are endless.


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