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The Reinvention of a Classic

Men's iconic racer members only

Some things should never change, like Taco Tuesdays and happy hours. Some things should definitely change while others can simply be reinvented. 

Members Only started with one jacket: the Iconic Racer. To this day, it is our claim to fame. And while we'd never dream of changing our Iconic Racer, there is always room for improvement. 

In the past, Members Only has branched out in many different directions - including a sportswear line and an edgier, fashion-forward collection. Yet it always comes back to one thing: the Iconic Racer jacket. 

 So how do we reinvent a classic? 

For starters, introduce new fabrics. Our Flight Satin Iconic Racer for men and Satin Washed Boyfriend Jacket for women are featured in nylon rather than our signature polyester/cotton blend. 

Then, we introduced new textures. Our Cotton Knit Iconic Sweater for men is the newest addition to our Iconic Racer family. It features all the signatures of our classic Iconic Racer jacket, but in 100% cotton. 

We also added new lengths. Our Longer Modern Iconic Racer jacket is similar to our Flight Satin Iconic Racer, but longer in length. 

And though we can never resist a good neutral, who doesn't love a good print? Our Floral Iconic Racer jacket is one of our favourites. In an unexpected tropical print, it's a welcome addition to your closet full of solids. 

And although we added some updates, you can never mess with a true classic. Our Iconic Racer Jacket will forever be our first love. 

But you can never have too many Iconic jackets, right? 


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