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Do you prefer purchasing your clothes, shoes, or accessories online? If yes, you have already been part of the e-commerce revolution. The Members Only has been a successive part of this phenomenon. It has been around us a decade, evolving ever to provide an unprecedented experience to the customers. 

During the current pandemic, e-commerce finds new possibilities while encountering certain challenges as the brick and mortar businesses are still waiting for the opportunities to serve the customers. People are looking for an essential item such as masks and goggles towards e-retailers, for instance, Members Only. Indeed, it has found ways to do business in challenging circumstances.

The surge in e-commerce business 

As per a report of Statistica, the global e-commerce traffic has witnessed an extraordinary surge since January 2020. The phenomenon has surpassed the metrics of holiday seasons too. The retail website has been able to garner about 22 billion visits in June 2020.

However, it is justified by the online orders made by the people while they are staying at home. It is evident that people are ordering sleepwear and loungewear from Members Only in a significant quantity. It seems to be a better option to avoid crowded stores and human contacts. People have been buying their particulars or daily necessities such as clothes or wearable online in these circumstances.

As per a report, the keyword 'buy online' has surged to 22,000 monthly searches from 18,800. This suggests that customers are pivoting to e-commerce.

However, e-commerce platforms such Members Only have many additional advantages over the brick and mortar stores. It offers a variety of products to explore with just the course of a few clicks. The customers discover an unprecedented pool of products to choose from without any inconvenience. 

Members Only - a destined marketplace

We analyzed the e-commerce industry in this period of a pandemic. The separate class of consumers has been introduced to online shopping, and most of them have never been to such a shopping experience due to any reason.

However, the new wave of growth is here to stay for long. Now, the Members Only have been responsible for keeping abreast and serving the customers to justify investment in systems, additional resources, and other logistical expenses, etc.

In case a customer looking for the men's jacket on Members Only can easily navigate to the products. Here he/she can explore a hundred or thousand options without any term and condition.

It is visible in today's market conditions; the Members Only has been dominating the traditional business setups. It has a highly organized inventory system and extremely sophisticated display of the items categorized as per the gender and genre.

Why people prefer to buy online with Members Only?

1 - Convenience

Apart from these circumstances, customers tend to Members Only for convenience. They deliver your favorite footwear at your place, in case you purchase a pair from an available pool of footwear.

However, you receive the original piece of product, and if there are discrepancies, you sustain the right to send the product back to the vendor selling the product. Is it not phenomenal as far as shopping is concerned?

2 - Discounted prices

The price is also an essential factor for e-commerce growth. Members Only routinely conducts discount sales while offering certain products such as women's jackets at a significantly discounted price.

However, you have to pay for the shipping charge, don't you? Though, some e-retailers tend to offer free shipping once a customer buys up to specific limits. While others provide the yearly subscription to deliver the products you purchase online.

The Members Only leverages the digital mediums more when it comes to promoting a discounted event. They usually arrange such events to provide discounted products.

The sales events allow them to engage with the wider customer base as they are intended to capture the market in a stiff competition.

Online buyers can always access the best possible deal while comparing the products across the sites. There is a vast competition driving e-commerce sites to offer significant discounts to lure the customers.

Price could be a crucial factor during a sale, especially when customers have the edge to compare the price online. They just need a few clicks to ensure what could be the best deal for them.

3 - Variety and specialty

    While people buy many favorite products online, which are available to the physical stores? However, there might be some instances; for instance, you are looking for men's wear for women, and you do not get an accessible store for this kind of specific needs.

    No issue; it is highly probable that you might find the products on Members Only. It has a massive base of specialty products as you get the most of the everyday products, whether they are specialty or regular just a few clicks away.

    It is possible because Members Only do not maintain the specific inventory at every location instead of the physical store. The online retailer offers facilities to buy specialty products easily. It seems like a fair deal without many efforts.

    Moreover, international e-commerce is possible today, and Members Only is the frontrunner to explore the market beyond the geographical limits to sell the products internationally. Now, the order is easily shipped from one corner of the world to another.


    As discussed above, e-commerce has been dominating the brick and mortar business. And, during the current pandemic, it has come into the picture. Despite the fact, there will always be people who like to shop in physical stores. But, there is a considerable shift to online shopping over the Members Only. This phenomenon is enviable while we look at the advantages of online shopping.

    In this period of COVID- 19, people have been able to buy their essentials while keeping themselves safe at the same time. This is the blessing of online shopping, which allows customers to keep their necessities fulfilled.


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