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Finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear with a suit is essential to tie your outfit together. The color combination of your suit and shoes is key when styling yourself.

Finding a shoe with a subtle shine can take your suit to the next level. It is important to make sure that the color of the shoes looks nice with the suit. There are color combinations that drastically change the look of your outfit.

Below are tips to help you choose the right shoes for men.

Right Shoes for the Black Suit

Every man’s wardrobe should consist of a black suit and the perfect shoe that goes with it. A black shoe with a black suit is a combination that is timeless and looks dapper.

Another option is a formal brown or earth tone shoe. When you wear men’s shoes in a lighter shade while wearing a black suit, your suit's tone decreases.

Black shoes are a subtle choice and they allow you to amp up your outfit with other accessories.

Blue Suits

Blue suits look great with black, burgundy, and brown shoes. Base the color of your shoes on your style and the event.

Black shoes for men are perfect for darker shades of blue. If it is a formal event, Oxford shoes can be a great choice. Brogues, loafer shoes, and other dress shoes can be added to your blue suit effortlessly as well.

Men’s shoes add a contemporary twist to your outfit. It complements the blue suit and is great for every occasion.

Burgundy shoes are a great choice as well and they go well with dark blue suits. This creates a vintage look while keeping up with modern trends. Go for styles like Oxford, brogue, and other shoe styles with similar design patterns.

Grey Suits

Grey suits are another amazing choice. There are many shades of greys, so choose your shoe color accordingly.

Regardless of the shade of grey, darker men’s shoes help extenuate your look. Men's Grand Oxford Wingtip Shoes from Members Only are the perfect shoe for this look.

Brown and burgundy shoes look dapper with a grey suit as well. For a formal event, grey suits should be paired with darker shoes. If wearing brown shoes, be mindful of the shade that you choose as you want it to look balanced with the suit.

Beige suit and brown shoes

Beige suits continue to be a popular men’s suit choice. When wearing a beige suit, a light shower looks best. Light brown, men’s Oxford shoes look great and you can also pair your suit with a pair of white sneakers for a more casual look.

A few essential tips to keep in mind

  • Grey suit: looks best with dark brown shoes
  • Grey suit: choose a color shirt that works best for you. Pastels look great with a grey suit.
  • Other elements like a tie, socks, and square are essential to tie together your look.
  • Accessories like a belt, watch, sunglasses can accentuate your look.

Shoes for men have a significant role in enhancing your look, and it is essential to pick the right pair. Check out the Members Only collection, where you will find a curated collection of shoes for your formal wear.


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