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Pattern Play

Happy Fashion Friday Members Only fam!

A couple of weeks ago we talked about individuality and embracing your uniqueness. It is important to throw in your own individual personality into what you wear – it can be really fun and freeing!

Today we're going to talk all about pattern play. Often times we buy clothing and dope articles that feature awesome eclectic patterns, but when it comes to mixing and matching these pieces, we're left dumbfounded.

Two years ago the high fashion runway shows showcased the concept of pattern play, and mixing differing patterns together. For example, a cheetah print top, paired with a white and black checkered shirt.

In theory, these patterns seem like they simply don't match, but somehow it worked. Since then, style icons like Rihanna and Leandra Medine have been rocking this trend effortlessly.

We'll be honest it can be daunting to step out of your style comfort zone, but there are easy ways to hop into this style trend without feeling like your outfit is a complete flop.

Simply find an interestingly patterned top and pair it with a plain black jacket and/or bottoms. Throw in a patterned bootie or sneaker that is slightly different from the top you are wearing, and you've got yourself a pattern play outfit!

Simple enough right? Now go play, and express yourself!

Shop the Look:

Jacket: Members Only – Iconic Racer Jacket

Model/Influencer: Jahchuku (@conscious_brother)




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