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MO X Memorial Day At Home!

This upcoming Memorial Day will be one like no other. Due to the current state of the world many people will be spending their time inside their homes. While it might not be your typical holiday there are many ways to spend your time at home.
Time to ZOOM!
This is the perfect time to schedule a Zoom conference with some family and friends! Who doesn’t love spend time at home while being able to catch up and cracking jokes with loved one? The best part of it all, technically nobody has to dress up for the occasion and can relax in their favorite loungewear. Everyone in the chat will be enjoying each other’s company regardless it is done virtually.

Binge Ready!


If there’s some spare time to, catch up on some of your favorite shows. Refresh your memory from watching the first season to the most current. Starting a new show during the down time is also great to do. Picking up a new show or watching a newly released movie will get you into your next obsession. Documentaries are great for learning about topics that have a lot of layers. Make sure to be relaxed in comfortable in some Members Only loungewear joggers and t-shirts.  



Creative hands!


Taking up a craft is a wonderful way to spend time. Creating new pieces of work or turning a simple piece of clothing into something new is wonderful for anyone to do. If you have plain pieces of clothing around the house, add some fun to them by doing tie-dye at home. You can take your favorite Members Only cotton t-shirts and add some cool designs to make them fit your own personal style.  A little color never hurt anybody! Create a new decorative piece for home and have fun with it. This is the time to let the creative juices flow.


Members Only is wishing everyone a safe and healthy Memorial Day!

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