Men's Summer Trends: 2018 Edition

Let's be real here, most guys wouldn't want to be described as 'trendy'. Something in this age of fast fashion, and social-media stardom has transformed the word into a low-key negative. Kind of a backhanded compliment, it's not the most insulting of terms, but it isn't necessarily up there either. 
That being said, there is a line that the trend conscious dude can walk. A perfect blend of looking current but keeping a classic edge. How does one navigate this line, you ask? No worries we are breaking down the best summer trends that won't make you cringe. 

The Vertical Climb 

While the stripe is nothing new, flipping it and adding some fresh color pallets has made all the difference. Like we said, it is about combining new and old. Keep it fresh and casual with short sleeves and a loose fit.  

80's Denim 

Trendy Jacket
Love it or hate it the 80's are back and they are making statements in men's denim. From acid wash jackets to dad jeans. The vibe is loose fit, straight lines, and comfort above all. Want to fully commit? Throw on some Nike's with the fit and live your best 80's inspired life.  


Acid Wash Denim Jackets
It wouldn’t be summer without mentioning some tropical prints. The good thing about this trend is that it really does fit into anyone's personal style. Be bold with a full-blown Hawaii vibe, parrots and pineapples in all their glory. Or go the more contemporary route with some muted colors and a modern palm print. Options are seriously endless, but each one will make you feel like you're on vacationSo, it’s a total win.  

Mixing Materials 

Kind of like when sportswear became streetwear, utilitarian fabrics are having their moment. Think windbreakers mixed with trousers, anoraks with jeans. These technical jackets have come a long way from their initial designs and are reimagined with better colors and cooler details. The best part- they still are super practical and will transition through the seasons easily.  

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