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Men's Style Guide: Hoodie and Windbreaker Jacket Look

Hoodies are known to be one of the most stylish street styles. The best thing about a hoodie is that it instantly brings a comfortable and fashionable aura to anyone who wears it. So, a man’s closet wouldn’t be complete without a cool and classy hoodie in it.

Another essential piece of clothing that every man’s closet must own is a windbreaker jacket. If you like men's jackets, a windbreaker jacket is something you should not miss. It's a jacket that will keep you warm in cold weather while protecting your body from cold wind and rain. Other than functionality, its best feature is that it's trendy and displays a fashion that will create an impression.

Moreover, windbreaker men's jackets are easy to style with your other outfits. Likewise, most hoodies have a laid-back appeal, but with their unique cut and attractive colors, a hoodie allows you to style it in many exciting ways.

However, if you are still new to the style game and don't know how to style hoodies and windbreaker jackets like a pro, we have some tips for you to follow. Have a look at them to stand apart from the rest (in a stylish way).

Ways to style a hoodie

A hoodie can be styled in plenty of ways, but wearing it alone without adding any layer is also stylish. You can wear any hoodie with your denim jeans or skinny jeans for warmer winter days. Finish it off with sneakers or boots. You may also add a few accessories such as glasses, caps, beanies, etc. It will give you a nice street-style look.

If you wish to add a layer to your hoodie, a denim jacket is one of the best options you have. You have plenty of denim jacket styles to choose from, such as cartoon jackets for men, faded jackets, ripped jackets, etc. They are, in fact, available in various colors as well. So you can easily complement these super-classy jackets with your hoodie. Complete your look with a pair of sneakers or boots. For chilly weather, consider layering your hoodie with a coat.

Ways to style a windbreaker jacket

Windbreaker jackets used to be fitted to protect your body from the wind. However, today, they are an oversized style statement that adds unique style and class to any outfit. Buy a baggy oversized windbreaker jacket.

You can also go for an oversized cartoon jacket for men. Use it for layering your t-shirt with denim bottoms. Finish the look with sneakers. If you are a woman, go specifically for the one that is a ladies' jacket, as the fitting of an oversized windbreaker jacket may vary for men and women.

Moreover, want to go exercise or shopping without looking unkempt? Of course, you can't put on the best suit you have in your closet to look good. Windbreakers are the new jackets for men to stay comfortable all day and look nice whether they are grocery shopping, running, or on a day out with friends.

Choose a jacket with more colors and prints, like a cartoon jacket for men, if you are looking for a bold style that stands out from the rest. Such multi-colored windbreaker jackets look excellent over monochromatic bottoms such as black, dark blue, etc.

If you live in an area where it often rains, you may like to choose a windbreaker jacket with slightly more coverage than the usual spring jacket for women and men. Try finding a windbreaker jacket with a hood on it so you can wear it fashionably and also get some excellent functionality out of it. Classic windbreaker jackets do not usually have hoods, but you can find hoods on modern ones.

Final Takeaways

Hoodies and windbreaker jackets are now more than just a solution to avoid catching a cold. Both these essentials can give you excellent looks that will surely take your style meter reading high. We have tried to lay down so many different ways to style your hoodie and windbreaker jacket so that you can create a unique look every day. Try them all, and all the words of appreciation will be yours!


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