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Men's New Arrivals Jacket & Fresh Styles 2022

When it comes to men's jackets, there are so many options out there that you can explore. It's all about quality and comfort, whether going for a casual outing or staying at home, in an office meeting, or on a camping trip. Men are very picky about their outfits and want everything to be perfect, but what matters the most to them is being comfortable in the kind of apparel that they are wearing. They are very fussy about their choices, so keeping in mind their preferences, we have prepared a list of all the men’s new arrival jackets that might fulfill their expectations and are in trend.

Here is a list of men's new arrivals jackets that is too cool to miss!!

1. Men's Reflective Windbreaker Jacket

This iconic jacket is appropriate for all occasions and popular under the category of new collection in jackets for men. Whether riding a bike or strolling around with friends and family, this lightweight jacket is a perfect choice for the outdoors. A windbreaker jacket has a mesh lining inside with side zip.

2. Men's Packable Jacket

This jacket is an addition to the new and fresh collection of men's jackets. Members Only Men's Packable Jacket is a unique and packable jacket. You can also see a small zippered pouch on the back of the jacket, making it easy for you to fold the jackets into the pouch. The Packable Jacket is perfect for traveling purposes and is considered to be the best for summer and winter. The jacket is made of 100% polyester.

3. Men's Puffer Jacket

The Men's puffer jacket is lightweight and also makes you feel warm. The fabric is breathable, so you can wear it anytime and all day long. You can choose from a wide range of bright and vibrant colors. The signature logo of Members Only is printed on the sleeves with other key features, including the unusual bungee cord on the hood for adjustments and adjustable draw cords on the waistline.

4. Men's Asymmetrical Windbreaker Jacket

This Men's Asymmetrical Windbreaker Jacket is budget-friendly. The jacket has a rocket patch on its sleeves with chest pockets on the front side that is asymmetrical. There is a mesh lining also inside the jacket with an adjustable hood. This one is by far the best and the most comfortable jacket.

5. Men's Snorkel Jacket

Get the Eskimo look without wasting much of your hard-earned money or precious time. This jacket is perfect for the winter to keep you warm and stylish. This jacket has a zip and snaps closure with a soft fur hood. There are two side pockets around the waistline to keep your hands warm.

6. Men's Basquiat Popover Jacket

This jacket is specially designed for men in collaboration with BASQUIAT. Colour block print is a salient feature of this Men's Basquiat Popover jacket that is available with Members Only. The jacket has a poly Taslon shell and meshes lining inside, Which makes this men's jacket a lightweight jacket. You can get this popover jacket look in a combination of elegant colors of white and black. This jacket is waterproof and has a hood.

7. Men's Space Jam Galaxy Midweight Jacket

Men's BASQUIAT jacket is specially designed as the latest fashion for men. This colorful space jam jacket has a Poly Taslon shell and mesh lining. You can get this popover jacket look in a combination of different galaxy colors. It is lightweight, and you can pair it with your denim. The jacket has reflective printed sleeves and is available in navy blue, which most men love to wear.


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