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Members Only®

Members Only set new standards in the underwear game and here is why...

Members Only three pack boxer briefs

There are three attributes that need to be considered when making men’s underwear. Comfort, style, and color and Members Only has all three. Our underwear pack is a set of three classic boxer briefs. They are extremely soft with an elastic waist band. It also features the Members Only Logo which is outlined with a pop of color.
Here are some of our top influencer photo's in the Members Only Underwear
 Our underwear set comes with three colors. White, Black, and Grey and each band is outlined with red to give it style and a pop of color.

3 classic boxer briefs set

Soft and breathable fabric
Members Only elastic waist band logo
Durable with an elevated style 
three classic boxer briefs set
We dare you to try them out- the three pack athletic boxer briefs won't let you down!


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