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Warner Brothers and DC Comics record breaking superhero, Wonder Woman, is back and she’s taking us all the way back to 1984. The latest installment in the DC Comics universe, “Wonder Woman 1984” is set to be in theatres on June 5, 2020. Wonder Woman also known as Diana is ready to face off against two new villains and reconnects with Steve Trevor along the way.


Steve Trevor is played by Chris Pine and in the new trailer features Pine’s character in an all-black ensemble. The look is made complete with the one and only men’s classic iconic racer.

(Curtesy of Warner Brothers/Patty Jenkins

People can’t help but show love to our classic jacket!

USA Today calls the jacket “top-notch” and all of us at Members Only couldn’t agree more! 
HuffPost knows there’s something very special about that signature jacket.
Entertainment Weekly truly knows a good thing when they see it.  

And to the people at Cosmopolitan, we don’t know if Steve Trevor is a ghost either but thanks for the jacket love!


Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Take a look at the trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984:" don’t forget to catch it in theatres June 5, 2020.


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