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Lightweight Jackets Every Man Needs in the Summer

When people think of the summer months, the piece of clothing furthest from their minds is probably jackets. With plenty of lightweight options on the market, they actually aren’t that odd of a choice when it comes to ways to elevate a summer outfit. Whether you’re looking for a men's jacket to use as the perfect summer accessory, or to equip you for the unpredictable weather, here are our picks for the top summer jackets that every guy should own.


light jackets for men

Coach jacket

Men's coach jackets have always been a staple of sportswear, but lately, the jacket’s usage has expanded. Coach jackets play a key role in men's wardrobe. The lightweight construction and exemplary silhouette make it desirable for every guy. The simple styling allows for you to put your own twist on your look with different accessories.

 coach jacket mens


Lightweight bomber jackets for men

When you think of bomber jackets for men, you probably think of heavier jackets that provide protection from the harsh, cold weather. This lightweight upgrade on this piece of military outerwear is perfect for wearing in the summer to up your fashion game.


Apart from the coach and bomber jackets, you will find a curated outerwear collection at Members Only.


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