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How to Wear It: Pastel

@_lordxlana wearing Color Block Poly Taslon Zip Front Jacket 

We may be biased, but we think pastels are always are in season. But it’s especially in season during the spring and summer months. But, wearing pastels can be trickier than you think. Are there certain hues that match certain skin tones? What do you wear pastel with?

We’ve got the answers.

Let’s Talk About Skin Tone

For the Light Skinned

For the light skinned folk out there, your best bet is to stick to a baby blue hue with stronger makeup – especially if you have a warm undertone. For those with light eyes and hair, cool tone pastel and neutrals are your BFF – especially a soft lavender. Cool undertones can also get away with pale orange or peach, too!

For the Medium Skinned

If you are medium skinned, you are in luck – a wide array of pastel colors is at your disposal. Dove, buttery yellows, mint greens, and light pinks work very well with medium skin tones. A cool grass green is also your friend. Basically, any pastel is a medium skin tone BFF.

For the Dark Skinned

If you are dark skinned, a pastel yellow will look phenomenal on your skin tone. Pastel purples also do wonders for your skin tone. For those with a warm undertone, go for a fluorescent pastel – such as a bright teal – for that extra pop. Cool undertones can switch between warm and cool colors – especially those sunset-inspired hues.

Now, How to Wear It

Go Monochromatic

It seems you can’t turn your head without hearing – or seeing – the monochromatic trend effect. So why should it be any surprise that pastel will follow suit? Whether you opt for cool or warm, a pastel worn in the same color will look effortlessly cool from head to toe. Try this trend with a crop top and matching skirt or pants in the same hue.

Or Mix it Up

If you aren’t a fan of the monochromatic palette, you can opt for mixed pastels instead. Try throwing two different shades together topped with a bright lipstick for the ultimate work-to-happy hour outfit. Mixing pastels can also fall under a monochromatic look with an accessory in a different pastel color.

Color Block Pastels 

We love the color block pastel look – especially when it comes to a lightweight spring jacket. The pastel shades bring an unexpected pop of color to any outfit. For an even cooler color block pastel jacket, try the Members Only Color Block Translucent Short jacket – which features a color block pastel pattern and translucent details.

The Ombre Effect

Then trend that once ruled the hair world is taking over the fashion world. Think dreamy, light-hued pastels in the same color – but in different shades ranging from light to dark. We love in an oversized knit sweater that can be worn throughout the year. But, the ombre effect doesn’t have to be all in the same shade – especially when it comes to the Members Only Ombre Poly Taslon Jacket.

The Pastel Print

If you aren’t into the solid-color trend, try a print in a pastel instead – like the Members Only Translucent Pullover Jacket with Hood. This jacket features that sweet, soft look of lighter shades in an unexpected camouflage print. It’s the perfect gym-to-grocery store jacket.

If you can’t already tell, we here at Members Only love pastels – especially for spring. What’s your favorite way to wear this trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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