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How to Wear a Hoodie With Style?

Men's hoodies have risen from only hip hop and gym wear to an everyday wardrobe essential. There is a hooded sweatshirt and jacket for every occasion, from floral to abstract prints to solid colors. Today, both men and women are not afraid to experiment, and a hoodie is a perfect piece of clothing to make this experiment a successful one.

Hooded sweatshirts and jackets are by far the best things to put on when feeling casual or looking to pull off a laid-back street style. A hoodie may not be the most fashion-forward item in your closet, but it is definitely one of the most comfortable and practical and looks stylish. Perhaps that's why this loose-fitting garment is a modern wardrobe staple every man and woman should own.

One additional perk of owning a hoodie jacket for men and women is that there are so many ways to style them. Whether you are going to a gym, on a date, or for a walk in the cold weather, a hoodie can instantly step your style game and keep you comfortable. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you to experiment with your style. Have a look at them all!

A Black Jacket With Hood

In the world of the stylish hoodie, a black jacket with a hood is the poster child. There isn't any garment that doesn't work in your favor when layered with a black hooded jacket. Pair it with a t-shirt, and denim bottoms, and you have the perfect casual look.

If you desire a more smart casual look, replace denim with chino pants or trousers and style them with a formal shirt. Lastly, complete the look with a black hooded jacket, and you are good to go.

Bomber Jacket With Hoodie

Consider layering a hoodie with a bomber jacket for a contemporary urban look. It is a stylish partnership to pull off in colder climates while staying warm. To nail this look, select a hooded sweatshirt or hooded jacket for men in a classic color such as navy, gray, or black. Then, pair it with your favorite kind of bomber jacket, be it nylon, leather, or wool.

To complete this casual urban look, pair it with black or dark blue jeans with a stylish pair of sneakers. The result is sure to impress you and stand out from the crowd.

Trench Coat With Hoodie

When it comes to staying warm while also looking stylish, a trench coat is always an excellent choice. It is a piece of clothing that both men and women have in their wardrobe. While most people know how to wear a trench coat for formal occasions, not many are aware of how to make it work for casual looks. Well, it's not as difficult as you may think. All you need is a hoodie.

Try partnering a white hoodie underneath a black or brown trench coat on your next chilly evening walk for a casually cool look. Remember to finish the outfit with loose-fit pants and sneakers. It is a look that both men and women can try. You may also like to try a women's rain jacket with a hood.

Denim Jacket With Hoodie

A denim jacket is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing that both men and women must own. You can pair it with almost everything from a t-shirt to a hoodie. Although many types of denim jackets are available, blue works exceptionally well with a wide range of styles.

To pull off this look, try partnering your denim jacket with a hooded sweatshirt or hoodie jacket for women and men for a stylish casual look. Finish your look with denim jeans and sneakers.

Should Hoodies be Tight or Loose?

Hoodies can either be loose or fitted. Generally, if it's a zip-up hoodie or a jacket with a hood, it fits closer to your body. In contrast, a pullover or sweatshirt hoodie will have a bit looser fit, so you can easily get into it. A tighter hoodie is great for layering underneath other jackets for formal events, but looser fits are more comfortable and best suited to casual occasions.

Try all the looks we have mentioned here and stand out of the crowd like a fashionista!


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