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How To Style Best Hoodies for Men & Women

Let’s talk history, more specifically, the history of clothing. If you are asked about different items of clothing that had a humble beginning but later turned into iconic pieces, you would be hard pressed to name an item that has a more eventful or colorful history than the humble hoodie. What sets the hoodie apart is the fact that over the years and along the way it has gone from being a sportswear staple to being an integral part of urban subculture. It has been worn by celebrities, iconic athletes and even politicians. More interestingly, the humble hoodie for a brief period of time was also banned in some Western countries for its association (undeserving, of course) with street culture.

The hoodie, initially invented for laborers, has come a long-long way since its inception. Today, the best hoodies for men are enjoying widespread acceptance. Iconic artist made denim jeans, electronic music and a certain hairstyle a rage among youths, but made grown-ups a bit nervous. It was the same for men hooded jacket, but things have undergone a drastic transformation now and elders have finally accepted that sweatshirt with a hood on the back is not misplaced or rebellious fashion after all.

“The hoodie has become a wardrobe staple,” says fashion designer Gordon Richardson, former creative director of Topman. “What began as a trend in the 1990s has developed into a global phenomenon because of its versatility and comfort.” There aren’t many items of menswear that work for a hungover afternoon of Netflix, streetwear stunting, a hobble back home from the gym and an athleisure-ly stroll around the city. But the hoodie has you covered for all of them, and even smarter outfits, too.

Nowadays, you can find ladies hooded jackets as well as hooded jacket for men that can fit any occasion and event. You can wear them while watching Netflix at night slouched on your catch, or for that matter wear them with same surety while attending a Zoom meeting.

Here we outline top hoodie styles for both men and women that are a perfect combination of style, subtleness, functionality and comfort. So, without much delay let us get the ball rolling.

Dress to kill

The mean hood jacket has won the seal of approval from fashion designers and experts from all over the world. Designer hoodies with fancy price tags have today become synonymous with smarter dress codes. Crafted from premium materials like wool or cashmere, you are going to find hooded jacket for men always comfy but never frumpy. Crafted for comfort and style, you can feel equally at home in these hoodies as behind your office desk.

Splash the cash

Whether its ladies hooded jacket or hoodies for men, those with the right amount of green stuff in their wallets can always go for hoodies with superior style and premium price points. These hoodies from top-of-the-line retailers are renowned for fuss-free styling and added level of comfort. Made of high-quality materials, you can look on the net for a selection of stylish yet comfortable hoodies that are always successful in merging style with trend.

Simply beautiful, and beautifully simple

Hooded jackets for men are available online or in physical stores that are simple, yet sleek, inexpensive yet sustainable. Crafted from 100% cotton, there are hoodies that are based on designs that are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Available, in a variety of colors, you run the risk of depleting your dollar bills going back for another and another color.

Simple and elegant workwear

There are makers of hooded jacket for men who are simply obsessed with quality blended in with simplicity. A seamless combination of plain and patterned styles, you can wear these hoodies to work anytime of the month or season. Rendered in top quality fabrics, these hoodies are your best friend for all events and occasions. Wear them with assurance and flaunt them with confidence. Additionally, they are available in various colors to help you up your game and make heads turn.


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