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How to Keep Your Teenager Happy? Buy Them a Members Only Jacket

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Kids these day certainly have a mind of their own and the fashion sense to match. Access to everything and anything they can ask for is literally at their fingertips. While exposure to media is great, it also means teenagers are more aware of their appearance. So, how do you allow your child to express themselves while still looking like, well, a kid?

A Members Only jacket.

Launched last year, the Members Only kid’s collection features all your men’s and women’s favorites – pint-sized.

The boy’s Classic Iconic Racer jacket is exactly the same as the adult version – complete with the signature logo chest pocket, throat latch, and shoulder epaulettes. In classic colors like black, bright horizon blue, light grey, and navy, try getting them to choose just one!

For cooler months, try our Flight Satin Fish Tail Bomber – complete with a fur-lined hood, zipper and button closure, two snap closure waist pockets and our signature chest pocket, it’s the ultimate winter wardrobe staple.

And for the girls, the Washed Satin Boyfriend Bomber is the equivalent to our women’s Washed Satin Boyfriend Bomber. Featuring a woven polyester satin fabric, zip closure, signature chest logo pocket, two waist pockets, and the ultimate ‘boyfriend’ fit, it’s the perfect ‘back-to-school’ wardrobe addition.

For the gal looking for a bomber jacket, grab our Quilted Bomber Jacket. Featuring our classic bomber fit complete with a two-toned design, it’s the ultimate fashion staple. In colors like burgundy, blue, pink, and floral, good luck trying to get them to wear anything else.

No matter who you're shopping for, Members Only has you covered. Consider yourself the ultimate "cool parent" - at least for this year. 

Shop the entire kids collection here


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