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The Growing Winter Fashion Trend: Faux Leather + How to Wear It

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Looking for an edgy twist to a bulky winter look? In recent seasons, leather has been paramount in fashion, both on the runway and on the streets. The faux leather trend has become superior to real leather for many reasons including its consistent color and being more environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s affordable and when done right, it can look like the real thing! 

Modern day fashionistas know how to make the most of this steadfast staple. There is undeniable evidence that leather has a sex appeal that no other fabric can compare to, it is truly a timeless and below is 7 ways YOU can rock this classic style!


Planning an evening out downtown? Jazz up your fitted dress or skirt with a nice pair of heels and an oversized moto-faux leather jacket.


Brunch is a great time to stay comfortable, but get creative and experimental with your wardrobe pairings. Pair your faux leather jacket or vest with something lacey or add funky pops of color.

The Office

Feeling a bit bold on a Monday morning? Throw on a fitted faux leather jacket as an edgy alternative to a blazer.

Date Night

Adding a faux leather jacket to your perfect date night outfit gives the subliminal message of your cool and confident vibe. Stick to a more fitted faux leather jacket that will compliment your dress to impress date-night outfit.

Girls’ Night Out

When it’s time to dress to impress your friends instead of your co-workers or boyfriend, throw on your coolest faux leather vest to compliment your red lipstick, black booties and vintage style.


Mixing in an unexpected fashion staple, like a faux leather jacket, can take the edge off of a formal occasion.


Going casual couldn’t be simpler. A slightly oversized faux leather motorcycle jacket that looks great with your go-to skinny jeans or most comfortable pair of jeggings. Dig out your favorite pair of beat-up converse to complete the look!

Whether you're going for an office look and like leather detail, or you're going on a date and want to find that perfect sexy final touch, faux leather provides the perfect final touch to any look.

Make sure you check out our Women’s Faux Leather Jacket to complete any of your looks. The sleeves come off and it makes it a faux leather vest! Or check out our Men’s Faux Leather Iconic Racer, which never goes out of style.

When it comes down to it, the name of the game is to get something that resonates with your personality and individual style.


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