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Don’t You Just Dig Twill Jackets?

What do you do to escape the heat? And yeah, we’re talking about that immense summer heat we’re about to experience. Perhaps it’s time to ditch the heat and run for the hills – cool hills that is.

The summer heat can be unbearable so why not take a trip to a cooler climate? And we’ve got the perfect jacket to take along with you – the Heavy Twill Iconic Racer jacket.

A heavier version of our Classic Iconic Racer jacket, the Heavy Twill Iconic jacket is sure to keep you warm from the cold mountain air. The jacket is fully lined and has a throat latch and is so designed that it will keep the icy chills away. It also features the signature Members Only Iconic Jacket design details like the chest pocket with logo, throat latch, and shoulder epaulettes.

Made of a special polyester and cotton blend material, the Members Only Heavy Twill Iconic Jacket is available in 5 cool colors – burgundy, black, charcoal, dark green and navy – a color for every day of the week.

The classic look of the Heavy Twill Iconic Racer not only keeps you warm, but keeps you looking cool. Pair with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a sweater and dress pants.

Shop the Heavy Twill Iconic Racer jacket here.


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