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A complete guide to choosing the right sunglasses

 A complete guide to choosing the right sunglasses

Sunglasses are synonymous with style. The inspiration can come from anywhere. From movies to your acquaintances, sunglasses can score more style points to keep you on top of the style game. Also, it scores on safety as well. Being a sensitive and vital part of the human body, your eyes need extra care and protection.

If you are trying to find the right pair of sunglasses, it is essential for you to pick the right type, shade, and other features incorporated in the sunglasses. The first thing that onlookers will notice is the look of your sunglasses. However, there is more detail that requires high importance while selecting the best sunglasses. There are various features that one can scrutinize before buying sunglasses like style, shape, and more. The right sunglasses can enhance your looks, and check out the essential information below to pick the right sunglasses. 

Sunglasses to save the eyes from UV rays

You will certainly look cool in a pair of sunglasses. However, it is also essential to wear them to protect your eyes. Apart from the stylish looks you gain by wearing the killer pair of shades, there are other benefits like protecting your eyes from harmful rays. To keep up with high UV rays levels, it is essential to use sunglasses that reduce the damage that harmful rays can cause. The sun is a million miles away, but you can still feel the warmth and goodness in the early hours of a sunny day.

Likewise, you are exposed to the harmful rays when the day gets too hot. There are so many issues that are faced by many individuals, like macular degeneration and cataracts. The UV rays such as UVB and UVA rays are way too harmful. UVB rays remain the primary reason for sunburns, and they can be detrimental to your eyes as well.

The intensity of UVB rays varies throughout the year, and it is very high in the later part of the day. Though the intensity in summer is more, the damage can be more in snow. Also, UVA rays from the sun are responsible for UV radiation reaching the earth. The UV rays have lesser intensity than UVB rays.

Sunglasses based on the frame size 

While choosing the new sunglasses, it is essential to check out the face size before anything else. The frame size should fit well with the face size. Small frames go well with a smaller face. Likewise, people can choose the right sunglasses based on the frame size. The frame size tells how the sunglasses fit your face.

Coverage is an essential factor to consider, but the oversized shades will also look good in small faces. If you want to dig more in detail, you have to check the eye, bridge, and temple size. The horizontal measure from the outside to the inside edge of the lens is the eye size, whereas the bridge size is the length measured between lenses. Finally, the temple size is acquired by measuring the temple piece's length. 

Lens technology used in sunglasses 

Four lenses are mainly used in making sunglasses, and it is essential to choose the right sunglasses that can support both style and safety. Polarized sunglasses are very famous, and people mostly use them. There are other lenses like photochromic sunglasses, gradient sunglasses, double gradient sunglasses, and more.

Light reflects when it falls on reflective surfaces like snow, glass, water, and more. The reflection causes glare, and it can cause eye irritation, fatigue, and more issues. Polarized lenses can protect the eyes from this glare, and they are perfect when you head out. It is essential to have sunglasses made of polarized sunglasses as they are essential to protect your eyes.

When it comes to photochromic sunglasses, they can block light in a bright environment and eventually get lighter when the condition gets darker. A photochromic process is not automatic, and it also delays in cold conditions. Gradient sunglasses lenses are perfect for driving and letting in more light, which helps you clearly see. Finally, double gradient sunglasses act as a shield to your eyes on reflective surfaces.

Cool collection of sunglasses from Members Only 

If you are interested in investing in sunglasses, it is essential to check out the best, and here are the curated collections available at Members Only. 

Members Only Polarized Sunglass In Black And Grey

The polarized sunglasses are very protective and too stylish to wear. The sunglasses are available in an alluring shade, and they are cooler to wear. The killer shades enhance your look and also protects your eyes from glare.

Members Only Polarized Sunglass In Black And Blue 

This is yet another pick of many customers as people, the terrific combination of black and blue. The vibrant blue lens remains a quirky addition to your ensemble, and it is just the best to wear with trendy outfits. 

Members Only Blue Light Lens Frame In Grey

As the world is moving forward with digital technologies, your eyes have to take in a lot from digital screens. It is quite difficult for today's generation to spend a day without the intervention of digital technologies. From learning to shopping, everyday activities necessitate using digital technologies, and it is tough to shut down the screens. However, you don't want to strain your eyes as well. The blue light protection goggles can protect you, and you can grab one to use while interacting in a digital space. 

When you are choosing the sunglasses, it is essential to check out the features available. Most of the sunglasses from Members Only are made of high-quality lenses to safeguard your eyes from harmful rays and glare. Whether you wear it for fashion or functionality, the Members Only sunglasses collection is versatile, and you can use it for both. Visit our product page to check out the exclusive sunglasses collection and protect your eyes. You need to select the right sunglasses that remain better protected.


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